Create ecommerce experiences that guide every customer to the right product

Make it easier for people to discover, buy, and love your products

  • Collect, clean, and enrich data from 1000s of products and SKUs
  • Create guided selling, bundling, and search experiences
  • Analyze and act on data from millions of customer interactions
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  • Bosch kitchen configurator
  • 3M hearing advisor
  • Dick's Sporting Goods wedge selector
  • KitchenAid standmixer configurator

85% of brands say they personalize the ecommerce experience. Only 60% of consumers agree.

Messy data, overworked teams, and ineffective tools make it almost impossible to meet the demand for personalization. Zoovu is the only platform built to fix these problems. We help ecommerce teams create and scale personalized experiences that guide every customer to the right product.

Guided selling

Generate personalized product recommendations with Conversation Studio

  • Build beautiful selling assistants in minutes and optimize them with AI—no coding required
  • Generate personalized product recommendations based on customer needs
  • Collect zero-party data on the products customers are looking for and purchasing
Trek used Conversation Studio to increase conversions by 200% with experiences in 35 countries 

Visual product configurators

Build 3D product configurators with Configuration Studio

  • Allow customers to visually configure products and bundles in a few clicks
  • Help salespeople quickly and accurately configure pricing and quotes for complex orders
  • Use configurators to fuel marketing campaigns, capture more leads, and reduce sales cycles
KitchenAid used Configuration Studio to increase average order value by 65% 

Generative AI product advisor

Connect your customers to Zoe, their personal product advisor

  • Automatically generate personalized explanations of why a product is the perfect match for customers
  • Answer customer questions about products in real-time
  • Create personalized product attributes based on customer needs and wants
Zoe helped Microsoft increase conversion rates by up to 18%

Intelligent search

Power site search with AI using Search Studio

  • Understand what customers are searching for, no matter what words they use, so you can always show hyper-relevant results
  • Customize the look, feel, and functionality of your search experience without a single line of code
  • Increase search relevance and conversions by tailoring results pages and rankings
Zoovu customers have seen a 38% drop in bounce rate and a 47% increase in AOV with Search Studio

See how Zoovu is being used to:

Use AI to make your product data cleaner, more organized, and more discoverable while cutting operating costs

Collect your product data

Import product data from PDFs, websites, databases, and other sources to create a single source of truth for product information.

Clean your product data 

Correct spelling errors, normalize values, and remove unnecessary HTML tags in your product data with a few clicks.

Make your products discoverable

Use AI to automatically tag products with the language your customers use to find them, like 'portable' or 'budget-friendly'. Segment products by tags, brand, availability, and more, then create relations between products for cross-selling.

Maintain your product data

Apply updates to your entire database in a few seconds whenever new products are added or information is updated for existing products.
 collect product data
 clean product data
 make products discoverable
 maintain product data

Zoovu helps you turn more visitors into customers and more customers into fans—wherever they're looking

Create hyper-targeted marketing campaigns

Use Zoovu's experiences to collect zero-party data about customer needs and preferences so you can create ads, emails, promotions, and other campaign materials that make people want to buy.

Syndicate across channels

Replicate your Zoovu experiences across different sites, retailers, and in-store devices so you can maintain brand consistency and collect insights without the trouble of code freezes and other bottlenecks.

Scale experiences to multiple countries

Instantly translate guided selling assistants, configurators, and search into any language without leaving Zoovu so you can quickly scale your experiences across regions.

See, sort, and act on your ecommerce data with in-depth dashboards and reports

Understand customer behavior

See which products are recommended and purchased most, why customers are buying them, and the questions they ask, so you can create effective ecommerce strategies, promotions, and product roadmaps.

Track key metrics in one place

Use a single dashboard and pre-built reports to analyze, act on, and share key metrics, like engagement and conversion rates, consumer purchase trends, and associated revenue.

Optimize the customer experience with AI

Set up Zoovu's AI to automatically monitor and optimize your experiences to maximize engagement, conversions, and sales.

Test and fine-tune copy and messaging

Conduct limitless A/B tests on your Zoovu experiences so you can find out which variations drive more engagement and conversions.

Secure. Accessible. Integrated.

Comply with privacy regulations

Zoovu is compliant with privacy regulations across the world, like GDPR, so you know your customers' data is private and secure

Build with accessibility in mind

Zoovu's design tools allow you to build assistants that align with accessibility regulations, like WCAG and ADA, so every one of your customers can find the perfect product for them

Integrate with the systems your business relies on

Share data and insights across any system or software, including PIMs, ERPs, and CRMs, so you can spend less time on admin work and more time selling